Friday, June 30, 2006

Burning the Constitution at the Altar of Fear

We lose our freedoms at the altar of fear. ~ Kahlil Gilbran
California Conservative has yet another whining little piece bemoaning the fact that we liberals aren't sufficiently terrified of the seven Miami terrorist wannabes who fantasized about blowing up the Sears Tower. My reply is reprinted here.
It could be that we liberals don’t get the willies scared out of us as easily as you do. This bunch of wannabes, the Miami Seven, had no plans, they hadn’t even figured out how to buy guns (the reports said that “no weapons were found”). I’m sorry, a terrorist who can’t even find any guns in this country is just pathetic.

I realize that Attorney General Gonzales said they were prepared to wage a “full ground war against the United States.” But as Jon Stewart (The Daily Show) points out, “if you’re going to wage a full ground war against the United States, you need to field at least as many people as say a softball team.”

If there is a difference between conservatives and liberals it is that we are made of sterner stuff. We don’t get terrified by impotent rantings. We don’t wet our pants because a small group of unarmed nobodies have done nothing but talk.

There are people to be concerned about. Some are jihadists, others are Aryan Nationalists. But I refuse to quake in terror at the sound of every nocturnal bump. And I refuse to burn the Constitution at the altar of your fear.

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PoliShifter said...

It could be that we are going to have to battle Bush in order to preserve our Constitution, Our Freedom, and our way of life.

These so-called Conservatives who are truly wingnuts are severely misguided and on the wrong side of the fight.

Still I think the majoirty of Americans are True Patriots who value Freedom and The Constitution.

If push comes to shove I believe we will revolt against the dictatorship of Bush.

These Conservatives however will continue to lick Bush's ass. Why? They fear for their lives. They are afraid that if they oppose the all powerful Bush that he will kill them. They think if they remain loyal to Bush that for some reason (out of the goodness of his heart?) he will spare them.