Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Canoeing Down Fire Dog Lake

I'm floating across Fire Dog Lake and I notice a couple of interesting things in the water with me.

Joe Lieberman's Divine Right to the Senate
Uber-hawk, pro-war to the last drop of American blood, Lieberman has spent the past five years shilling for George Bush. This has earned him, not unexpectedly, heaping praise from Republicans as a good little Democrat. And, it has earned him a strong primary opponent. Joe's reaction is to hint at bolting the Democratic Party and running as an Independent. Joe believes the Senate seat does not belong to the people of Connecticut, it is his personal property. One of his spokespeople said it was insane to allow the voting population of the state to "terrorize" a three-term senator.

There once was a time that Joe Lieberman served the people who elected him. No longer. He now serves in the Senate to serve himself and inflate his own ego. It is a sad decline of a once proud man.

All Will Be Well If We Only Close Our Eyes
President Bush's quick trip to Iraq is proof things are going well - as long as we don't notice that that Bush was afraid to tell most of the Cabinet. Forget not trusting the Iraqi leadership (FDL's point), Bush didn't even trust his own leadership. Bush did not even want the Secretary of Labor to know he was going to be out of the country for a few hours. That is a level of terror that is hard to imagine. All is very much not well.

I'll return to original thought when I can find one.

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