Friday, April 21, 2006

Opportunity Lost

The solution to the Iran nuclear crisis was presented to the Bush Administration three years ago. After the Iraqi army was defeated, before everything started going wrong in that country, the Iranian goverment approached us through the Swiss Embassy. They wanted to discuss ending their nuclear program and ending their support of Hezbollah. The Bush response was to rebuke the Swiss ambassador for passing the message forward. (Kevin Drum in Wash. Monthly)
That night, that stormy night long past,
She came to my door,
And I left her there with waiting arms and cold,
And between us closed my door.
~Opportunity Lost, poem by Gokarran Sukhdeo

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Gokarran Sukhdeo said...

Now we will pay the opportunity cost for the opportunity lost. Both Hezbollah and Iran have grown into monsters - and all because we fail to act at opportune moment. Even the 9/11 terrorism is an example.