Monday, April 24, 2006

Imagine Bush With Boobs

If you were a mad scientist and cloned George Bush using two X chromosomes, what would walk out of your lab?
Would it be harpy Congresswoman Mean Jean Schmidt? She certainly can personify the spirit of Bush's agenda. But Bush projects himself as a compassionate conservative and this is a woman who would kick a sick dog.
What about neo-Nazi Ann Coulter? I hate being churlish (well, really, I enjoy it), but Coulter looks like a high-priced call-girl addicted to snorting the powdered extract of Rush Limbaugh's spleen. She's sick, but hot. If there is one thing George Bush is not, it is hot.
Okay, maybe the Bush Twins. I mean, they already share lots of his DNA (at least according to Laura) and thay have that drink until you're shitfaced concept down to an art. The problem is, does it really take two women, even as shallow as those two, to make one George Bush?
Well, the cloning has been done and the result looks like this. ---->
Hillary Clinton has become a Democratic version of George Bush. She is a defender of the Iraq War and an Iran War hawk. Her latest bon mot is coming out in favor of rebuilding the Berlin Wall along the US-Mexican border. Like Bush, she adds the compassionate conservative position of partial legalization. More than any Republican spoken of for the 2008 presidential race, Hillary promises to continue the Bush agenda intact.

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