Wednesday, April 26, 2006

The Hidden Evils of the Iraq War

The evils of the Iraq War are well known. Underneath the surface there are still other depravities we have brought to torment the Iraqi people.

Trafficking in women for sex is one of the few growth industries in Iraq. Young women are being kidnapped, taken abroad with the help of corrupt officials, and sold into sexual slavery. Deprived of their husbands due to the war, other women are voluntarily turning to prostitution as the only viable source of employment open to them. The Shi'ites have revived the practice of Muta'a, pleasure marriage or temporary marriage, where a man "marries" a woman for a few minutes, just for the sex.

Child Torture and Rape
Victimizing children has become a common recreation for American and British soldiers as well as Iraqi men. There have been several reports of the torture and rape of children as young as 10 years-old by American soldiers. While there have been no criminal charges filed, the reports persist. The British are no better.

Organized Kidnappings
The occasional kidnappings of journalists or aid workers get lots of media. The gangster kidnapping of regular Iraqi citizens is rampant. Over 20,000 Iraqis have been kidnapped to date in 2006 alone. Some are kidnapped to be executed in the civil war, others are kidnapped for ransom. In Tal Afar, there are even schools that teach the art of kidnapping and murder to the ambitious young Iraqi who wants to do the job right.

Slavery by US Contractors
Halliburton is one of several US contractors that trick thousands of workers, mostly from Asia, into Iraq, confiscate their passports, and force them to do dangerous work in Iraq. The practice is described as "widespread" by General George Casey. This is against United States law and there are some investigations. There are also allegations that American firms are selling people into sex slavery.

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