Sunday, April 23, 2006

In Iraq to Stay

How I wish they'd go away
but I know they're here to stay
~ Revenge of the Popple People,
poem by Sara Russell
The US Army is building several huge bases in Iraq. Balad Air Force Base is 17 square miles, including its security buffer, and will house 25,000 troops. It is a complete city with fast food joints and a minature golf course. Camp Anaconda is 15 square miles and will house 20,000 troops. Newsweek reports there will be four "superbases" inside Iraq. In total, there are 106 American military bases inside Iraq. Then there is the planned 100 acre embassy in Baghdad, as large as Vatican City. These Christian enclaves are as far as any "troop pullback" is going to go. The occupation of Iraq will last through the remainder of my life.

Additional source: Index Research.

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