Saturday, April 29, 2006

Breaking Up Iraq

I was one of those people who was against the Iraq War before it was cool. I predicted it would end badly with the partition of Iraq. It looks like that prediction is coming to pass. I just hate it when I'm right about these things.

Iran would be the big winner. They would absorb the Shi'ite region of Iraq, gaining their oil reserves. In the process Iran would become the largest country in the Middle East, larger than either Egypt or Turkey.

Turkey would invade and conquer the Kurdish region. With rebellious Kurds inside Turkey they could not tolerate an independent Kurdistan on their borders. They would have to act before Iran did. It would be a bloody invasion; the Kurds would not give up easily and the word genocide would be used. The US would have to support the Turkish invasion as the lesser evil.

What's left, the Sunnis, would join Syria out of self-protection. The end result would be horrible for the United States and even worse for the Iraqis. Pissed on Politics predicts we will be stuck in the middle and it will be the dawn of World War Three. I just pray his prediction is less accurate than mine was.

Art is the painting "Vision of Ice Breakup" by Uno Prii

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