Saturday, January 06, 2018

Roy Cohn and Other Stories

Who Was Roy Cohn?
I was going to write a whole thing about Roy Cohn but this Daily Beast article does a better job of it.

Cohn is most famous as the oily little weasel at Sen. Joseph McCarthy side during the McCarthyite hearings. Devoid of either ethics or common decency, Roy Cohn was a self loathing Jew who associated with anti-Semites. He was a self loathing gay who persecuted other homosexuals. He was a renown mob fixer for the likes of John Gotti and Carmine Galante. He was mentor to Donald Trump, teaching him the virtue of soulless ruthlessness.

'Like, Really Smart'

Truly smart people don't feel the need to call themselves "smart." If they did they'd do so in a simple declarative sentence, "I am smart." Trump habitually inserts "like" into the phrase, a verbal tick associated with tween girls and an unconscious hedge suggesting he knows, instinctively, that he isn't actually smart.

Stay Off the Grass
Republicans have finally found a place to take a courageous stand against Trump's authoritarianism.

They are okay with the neo-Nazis. Constant threats to start a thermonuclear war don't bother them. They love double taxing people living in blue states. They think the only criminal conduct is to expose Trump's criminal conduct. They can accept child molesters and dismiss sexual assault as boys being boys.

But Don't Touch Their Pot.

I guess I should be happy they finally found their balls but, really, is that all the fortitude they have?

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