Thursday, January 04, 2018

Nazification of the USA

Police State
Acting ICE director Thomas Homan is auditioning to turn the Immigration and Customs office into Trump's Gestapo. Yesterday, Homan announced his desire to arrest opposition (i.e. Democratic) politicians (I said that would happen). ICE agents have already adopted brutal tactics like shooting unarmed people, beating and terrorizing both citizen and non-citizen Hispanics.

Revoke Freedom of Speech, Press
Trump's lawyer has written threatening letters to both Bannon and the publisher of Michael Wolff's book. Trump is seeking to ban the book and stifle any discussions that might disparage Trump, his family, or his business. In the language of the letter, Trump's "business" is the presidency.

Röhming Bannon
In the past I've compared Bannon to the leader of the Nazi Brownshirts, Ernst Röhm. Both led the grassroots rabble of their movement, both were anarchists, they were both reviled by their party establishments, both thought they were better than their Fuhrer and would eventually replace him, in both the vile corruption of their souls was reflected in the disfigurement of their faces.
The difference, and this may turn out to be a big difference, after Hitler turned on him he had Röhm murdered in his prison cell while Bannon is free and still lives.

Assuming Bannon isn't found dead or mysteriously goes missing in the coming weeks, he will be a constant threat to inflame the radical, anarchistic wing of the Republican Party against the leadership now fully subservient to Trump.

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