Friday, January 12, 2018

Of Course He Said It

Today marks the beginning of Republicans pitching the fallacy that Trump didn't say what the entire world knows with certainty that he did say.
Staffers in the meeting know he said it. That's why their initial reaction was to exalt that Trump's base would embrace his words.

The quarter of the country that worship Trump as a god know he said it. They spent yesterday on the internet thrilling over the phrase.

Everyone who watched Trump through the campaign urging his supporters to beat any black protester knows he said it.

He said it. It fits with everything we have learn about his vile, base, and contemptuous personality. 

And yet today come the denials.
The very same people on Breitbart who were celebrating Trump for "speaking the truth" yesterday are today lockstep that Trump would never say such a thing and it is all a racist Democratic lie. In coming days every Republican, even Mia Love, will embrace the lie that Trump didn't say what he said and didn't mean what he most clearly meant.

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