Wednesday, May 25, 2016

The Bundy Boys Whining

The Bundy Boys, Ryan and Ammon, are in jail pending trial for their armed rebellion against the government and do they have a lot of demands. Most notable, and most bizarre and funniest, is Ryan Bundy's complaint that he has been deprived of his Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms while in jail. (The jail didn't even dignify that demand with a response.)
He can't sleep without suckling his pistol.
They want desks and chairs and other materials that smart anarchists use to build their own weapons. (The jail said no.) They want the government to buy office equipment - computers, printers, copiers, scanners. Again, the smart anarchist can use that equipment to construct deadly weapons. If they got all that stuff they'd probably need bigger cells. (The jail said no, maybe an iPad.)
A jail zip gun built with far less equipment that the Bundy's demand.

They want unmonitored phone access and unlimited internet access, especially Facebook access, that can be used to encourage outside rebellion. (Nope.) The brothers want to meet and plot together unmonitored. (The Bundy Gang is considered a gang of conspirators and it is standard practice at that jail to not let gang members foment plots together.) They want to hold "prayer meetings" where they can forge plots with other prisoners. (Again, no.)

And they want to wear their Mormon underwear. (The jail said sure, but their lawyers are responsible for cleaning it.)

I'm surprised they didn't demand maid service, too.

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