Monday, May 30, 2016

Bernie Is Making Me Gaze Into the Abyss

From the beginning of this election season I have supported Bernie because I wanted to send a message to Hillary Clinton to not be so cozy with the financial kingpins who nearly crashed the global economy with their unbridled greed.
Gazing into the abyss.
As we edge closer to the terrifying abyss that is a neofascist Republican Party I am less interested in sending a message and more interested in the United States not falling to its collective doom.

I have noticed Bernie's ambitions have recently trumped his common sense. He now threatens to tear apart the Democratic Party if it does not surrender to him. Burning down the party so he can command the ashes.
Bernie's ambitions have blinded him to the danger. Supporting Bernie seems suicidal now. I have changed my mind and will now vote for Hillary when the election comes to California. Bernie is making me look into the abyss, I feel Bernie pushing me, pushing all of us, into that abyss as he selfishly reaches for power that is out of reach.

No message is worth that.

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