Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Paul Ryan's Coquet Dilemma

Speaker of the House Ryan was just being coy. He wanted Trump to politely ask for his support, maybe even beg a little, you know, like Ryan did with the Freedom Caucus to get the Speakership. But The Donald don't ask. The Donald snaps his finger and politicians are supposed to come running, sort of like Danny Zuko or The Fonz.

Ryan was being Midwestern prim when Trump expected a slut. So Ryan unexpectedly finds himself symbolic leader of the #NeverTrump movement when all he wanted was to preserve the illusion of virginity for a little longer.

It's like he didn't let Trump grope him at the drive-in movie and suddenly he's a prude leading the Political No-Sex League. Ryan's dilemma is how to surrender his self respect to Trump without looking like a common whore.

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