Sunday, May 15, 2016

How Presidential Is Trump?

Let's compare Donald Trump's traits to former presidents.

 Warren Harding is universally regarded as the stupidest man ever to live in the White House, a fact he was at least intelligent enough to recognize.

I am not fit for this office and should never have been here. ~ attributed to Harding by his friend Nicholas Murray Butler

His speaking style was described as "stale bean soup." He appointed cronies who took advantage of his dim wit to steal millions from the government.

Harding knew he was stupid, Trump doesn't. Harding was way smarter than Trump.

People have got to know whether or not their President is a crook. Well, I'm not a crook. ~ Richard Nixon in a press conference, 1973

Nixon is the gold standard for dishonest presidents. In 1971, he ordered his chief of staff to break into the Brookings Institute to steal the Pentagon Papers and encouraged another aide to firebomb the Institute. During the Watergate investigation he told his staff, "I want you all to stonewall--plead the Fifth Amendment, cover-up, or anything else. If that will save it, save the plan."

Trump would have to do a lot to be more dishonest than Nixon but, if anyone can do it he can.

Tricky Dicky Nixon again. He had a famous enemies list that included politicians, journalists, and actors. Nixon used the power of the government to punish his enemies.

I want to make sure he is a ruthless son of a bitch, do what he's told, that every income tax I want to see I see, that he will go after our enemies and not our friends. ~ Nixon on what he wanted in his IRS commissioner.

Trump is more paranoid than Nixon, takes offense more easily, and is even more vicious towards the people he deems to be his enemies. I have no doubt Trump would be the most vengeful president in history.

Woodrow Wilson was a total racist. Besides blacks he hated Asians (whom he called "coolies"), Poles (Slavs and Jews), and Italians. If you weren't of Northern European heritage, old Woody hated you. Like Wilson, Trump is a champion of and championed by the Ku Klux Klan. Trump adds hatred of Muslims and Hispanics to the standard KKK malice. That means Trump would challenge Wilson as the most extreme racist president in history.

Donald Trump has known ties to both the Italian and Russian mafia. Other presidents with mob ties were Harry Truman who was sponsored and a longtime friend of Kansas City mobster Tom Pendergast, Nixon (again) was a close friend of alleged mob fixer Bebe Rebozo, and John Kennedy was having sex with the girlfriend of mafia don Sam Giancana.

Casino mogul Trump certainly has the deepest financial ties to organized crime of any presidential candidate in history.

All presidents are narcissists, it goes with the job. Self-effacing people seldom get elected (Jimmy Carter excepted). There is no evidence that Donald Trump proudly displays his "little donny" to business competitors but that's probably because it's tiny and not as impressive as President Johnson's johnson.

The clinical definition of narcissistic personality disorder reads like the biography of Donald J. Trump. Trump will be the biggest narcissist to ever hold the office of President of the United States.

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