Sunday, May 01, 2016

Stages of Trump Grief

I've seen a subtle shift in the tone among movement conservatives in recent days. Denial (Ted Cruz will win Indiana and use that momentum to sweep to victory at the convention.) is fading as they realize that his act of desperation, Carly, looks less like a brilliant strategy and more like a pathetic act of desperation.

Anger at Trump stealing the Republican Party from them is still boiling but what is trending is the third stage, bargaining. Maybe Trump will put "Lying Ted" on the Supreme Court. Maybe his advisors will talk him out of nuking Syria. Maybe we'll be able to work with him. Maybe it won't be so bad. This isn't acceptance, they are negotiating with themselves.

Movement conservative depression won't peak until the convention, where Donald might decide to boost ratings by adding bikini ring girls to the podium for his acceptance speech. (More showbiz.) I'd be reveling in the Schadenfreude right now if it weren't for the nagging fear that something horrible may happen and Trump takes the White House.

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