Monday, August 26, 2013

War With Syria

How many Middle Eastern countries haven't we bombed yet? We'll soon be able to cross Syria off that list.

Yes! The Syrian regime is horrible.
Yes! Their use of poison gas on their own citizens is evil.
Yes! Obama would look weak if he ignores the line in the sand he drew regarding poison gas.

On the other hand,

No! The al-Qaeda rebels that would replace the Ba'athists now in charge would not be an improvement.

Scrape away the overblown rhetoric and the Syrian Civil War is a continuation of the Muslim sectarian war between Shi'ites (Iran, Syria's rulers, and Hezbollah) and Sunnis (al Qaeda, the Syrian people, and Saudi Arabia).

Scratch at the rhetoric still deeper and we can see that the U.S. is operating as Israel's cat's paw against their long time northern enemies. There are no U.S. interests here but plenty of Israeli interests.

Actually, the NSA will be thrilled by the U.S. bombing Syria. It will create an excuse for them to redouble their domestic spying program. We must fear Syrian terrorists!!!!!!!

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