Saturday, August 10, 2013

I Know Bob Filner

I know Bob Filner. Back when he was a San Diego City Councilmember I was involved local politics. I was more crewcut than bigwig, more nudger and tickler than mover and shaker. But I knew Bob. We were on the same side, politically. We had interactions, because I'm male they were not of the lascivious nature but they were still unpleasant.

I haven't written about Bob before now partly because of old instincts. Back in the day, Bob's allies knew to be afraid to talk about him. While he could be ruthless with his enemies he was worse with friends he felt had dissed him. Put simply, Bob Filner is a not a nice guy.

There was one time that Filner wanted something from me. Bob was trying to gerrymander City Council districts and wanted the Sierra Club, my organization, to support his map. He knew this was not an environmental issue and that he needed to put extra pressure on me. Filner sent his chief of staff to threaten me. If I didn't support his redistricting map Filner would destroy the career of a close, female, friend of mine.

I never forgot that.

Filner cut short his stay in pervert rehab. Every expert agreed that two weeks wasn't nearly enough time but Bob couldn't even pretend to rehab that long. The official story is he was cured early. Poppycock. Bob got tired of being in a place without ass kissing toadies and surrounded by people telling him how to be a better person. Filner told them to "Fuck off" and stormed out.

I know Bob Filner. There is no way his arrogance will allow him to ever take personal responsibility for his actions.

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