Sunday, August 04, 2013

Grifters: the 'Stop Hillary' Scam

There is a brand new "Stop Hillary" PAC raising money from gullible anti-Clintonites. Far be it for me to try to stop con-men from fleecing dimwitted crackers but I feel obligated to point out that for the next two years this PAC will have absolutely nothing to spend money on except lavish reimbursements to their own officers and family members.

Even after election season begins I can't imagine the Stop Hillary PAC will donate any money to any Democrat running for President not named Clinton. They may buy a little TV time in Omaha overpaying themselves, or friends, for production costs to no effect. They probably will accept bribes, all perfectly legal payments, to channel money to Republicans primary candidates.

The fascinating thing is that nobody in the world is rooting harder for Hillary Clinton to successfully run from President than this new Stop Hillary PAC. Only if that happens will they make out like the bandits they hope to be.

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