Thursday, August 22, 2013

The NSA and Rule #18

Leroy Jethro Gibbs on the television series NCIS has many rules. One, apparently, has been adopted by the NSA as an unofficial motto:
Rule #18: It's better to seek forgiveness than ask permission.
If the NSA wants to do something they just do it. If they get caught then, and only then, do they go to the FISA court for belated permission. If the court determines the NSA broke the law they are given a pat on the head and are told, like the priest said to the unreformed prostitute,
Go, and sin no more. Who am I kidding? You're going to sin up a storm but try not to get caught next time.
The only people at the NSA to get punished are those brave folks who blow whistles. They will face the death penalty for treason. Creatively breaking the law and pissing on the Constitution are the fast track to promotion.

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