Tuesday, March 26, 2013

That's Where Gun Dealers Draw the Line?

Gun dealers will happily sell weapons to heavily tattooed bikers and sullen goths, as long as if for their "personal use." Even though that use might be to facilitate building a network of meth labs or shooting up your high school science class because...Monday.

Gun dealers will sell to rednecked yahoos who have difficulty spelling their own names and whose indented is to use it to frighten their sissy neighbors and keep their bitches in line. Second Amendment, ya know.

They'll even sell guns to people who intend to use the gun to blow their own brains out. It's a personal freedom thing.

But buying a gun for the purpose of showing how fucking easy it is to buy a gun is an extremely bizarre and completely unacceptable intended use.

Gun dealers don't have a problem selling to any of these idiots.

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