Thursday, March 14, 2013

El Papa de los Desaparecidos

I don't care who is elected Pope, just like I don't care who is the Grand Mufti of Syria or the Chief of Hate for the Southern Baptist Convention. It really is none of my business.

I am interested, however, in the fact that many conservative, non-Catholic, Americans are enamored of the new Pope specifically because he may have been involved in the kidnapping and torture of liberal priests in Argentina during their brutal right-wing dictatorship.

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Anonymous said...

The whole "pope" thing is a joke (e.g. the concept of "papal infallability"). If the last pope spoke for "god" through coverups of child molestation by priests, then surely this one can speak for "god" by supporting torture of adversaries. After all, he was elected by a bunch of cardinals. That should be enough for anyone who thinks this pope has some divinity of speaks for "god". Well, that's what the pope hopes, at least.

The day god shows up and publicly anoints someone as pope will be the day I might raise an eyebrow about a new pope. Until then, to me, the pope would be wise to shut up, unless he wants to exhibit something other than hatred, bigotry, self-righteousness and all of the other characteristics common with church leadership that every day make foolishly devout catholics wonder why they are part of the church.