Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Shooting Cats Out of Trees

The President of the California Fish and Game Commission, Dan Richards, is in hot water for hunting and killing a mountain lion in Idaho. The hunt, legal in Idaho, is illegal in California.

Cougar hunting is the laziest, most pathetic excuse for big game hunting every created by the perverted minds of so-called "sportsmen."

A guide uses a pack of dogs to chase and harass the cat until it takes refuge in a tree. The guide leads the "hunter" to the tree where the cougar is. It looks much like this.
The "hunter" then takes pot shots at it until he kills the cat. Shooting fish in a barrel is harder, the fish move.

The dogs do all the work. The guide gets paid a shitload, figure at least $5,000. The "hunter" goes to cocktail parties where he lies about how dangerous and adventurous it was and how brave he is.

If you want to feel sick, take a look at the photo on the LA Times article at the link above and the psychopathic grin on the face of Richards as he poses with his execrable "trophy."
Real skill is tracking a cougar without using dogs and getting close enough to snap a picture. Do that and I'll be impressed.

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Anonymous said...

I know that American politicians feel the need to kiss up to hunters. The Fish and Wildlife Service even states -- "Today, millions of Americans deepen their appreciation and understanding of the land and its wildlife through hunting". That is, of course, nothing but nonsense -- to appreciate wildlife by killing it. I have a hard time finding anything that is not reprehensible about hunting.