Saturday, February 25, 2012

Greece's Banker Dictatorship

If German bankers have their way, democracy is dead in Greece. Germany's Finance Minister has called for Greek elections, already postponed to April, to be delayed still longer. This week a Greek minister endorsed the proposal to cancel elections.

The logic is simple. International bankers, notably Goldman Sachs, manipulated Greek debt for their own profit at the expense of the Greek people. Now that the Greek debt is unsustainable, international bankers led by the Germans are squeezing the Greek population with a staggering array of mandates. These include slashing the minimum wage and the outlandish requirement that some Greek citizens will actually have to pay for the privilege of holding a job. This has led to street protests...
...and police state crackdowns.
Greek elections, if fair and open, would certainly kick out the assorted bankers who have been ruling Greece these last few months and replace them people who will put Greek citizens ahead of Deutsche Bank's bottom line. That is unacceptable to the International Monetary Fund and the European Central Bank.

 It's all part of the austerity plan. Serfdom and crippling poverty for the Greek people and profits for the bankers.

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