Friday, February 03, 2012

Romney and Trump (& other tidbits)

Mitt and Donald
The effect of The Donald's endorsement was most elegantly expressed by Andrew Malcolm, quoted in full below.
Now that "Your Fired!' has married "I like firing people" I wonder what their children will look like.
Way to Reenforce the Meme
Romney drove home the "don't care about the poor" storyline by tying himself to the most arrogant ultra-rich jerk in the country. Romney proved that while he doesn't care about "the poor" he does care about The Donald.

Scott Brown and Mitt
Mitten's home state Republican senator is so impressed by the Romney machine that he has all but endorsed Barack Obama's reelection.

Romney Didn't Win Florida
He just didn't lose. His incessant, insensate negative campaigning so depressed the turnout that 300,000 fewer people voted than did in the 2008 Republican primary. He won by driving people away from the polls.

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Anonymous said...

One self-absorbed rich person endorses another self-absorbed rich person.