Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Romney Theocracy

Since Mittens has decided to get holier than thou let's look at one of the scarier aspects of the Mormon faith.

... the church must not triumph over the state, but actually swallow it up. ~ Mormon Paper (possibly Joseph Smith), 1844
Coined by Joseph Smith himself, we are already familiar with the concept through the phrase "Islamic Republic of Iran." Smith envisioned a government with some aspects of democracy but ultimate control would be with God as dictated by the Mormon priesthood (the Council of Fifty). Modern Mormons take pains to assure they do not plan to forcibly convert Americans to their faith and that we would retain our free will within the constraints of God's Laws (as defined by them). Membership in the Council of Fifty was deemed secret. Current Mormon leadership today deny it exists.

The White Horse Prophecy
It’s a very common belief [among Mormons] that the Constitution will hang by a thread and the Church will save it. ~ Salt Lake Tribune, 1999
Another thing the Mormon leadership denies existing but they seem intimately familiar with it. The prophecy, allegedly from Joseph Smith himself, says that during a time of turmoil in the country the Mormon church will rise up and seize control of the US government to "set up a kingdom never to he thrown down."

I don't know if Romney believes the claptrap that he is the anointed one but it does put a different spin on Romney's speeches if you view them through the lens of the White Horse Prophecy.

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Anonymous said...

When it comes to religion, the one thing you can count on is that believers will believe anything they are told to believe no matter how inane, irrational, or harmful to humanity.