Sunday, February 13, 2011

Badger State Pharaoh

Wisconsin's Governor's Mansion (pre-protests)
Wisconsin's governor is prepared to call out the National Guard against state employees. Governor Scott Walker is stripping state workers of the right to negotiate salaries and working conditions and that troops will be ready to address any protesters.

Coming after the events in Cairo it is interesting to see if the Wisconsin National Guard will show the same restraint and respect for the people's rights to free speech as the Egyptian Army. Or does Walker intend to break up any strikes or protests with an overwhelming show of force?

I don't think Gov. Walker is so stupid as to give state workers a Tahrir Square moment, although he does have a reputation for limited cerebral function. However, I would love to see a line of tanks on Lakewood Blvd trying to stop protesters from reaching the governor's palace mansion.

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