Thursday, February 24, 2011

Adventures in La La Land

There is so much raging insanity among political leaders I am wondering if I am in some sort of Lewis Carroll nightmare.

Libya's leader has determined that the protesters that he is murdering by the thousands are just helpless teenagers who have had drugs slipped in the Nescafe by Osama bin Laden.

Miscarriage Defined as Murder
Georgia's top legislative priority (HB 1) declaring "prenatal murder" as unlawful would, among other insane things, require the investigation of any miscarriages to determine whether "there is no human involvement whatsoever in the causation of such event." Any human involvement (for example, smoking cigarettes) is, by definition, murder.

Ambassador to China at Play
Jon Huntsman is the United States ambassador to China and wants to be the next Republican president. Huntsman figured he'd get himself some anti-Commie creds by participating in "Jasmine Revolution" protests in Beijing. Of course, that is about as diplomatic as pissing on Hu Jintao's shoes but Huntsman was only thinking about improving his chances in the South Carolina primary.

Citizenship Test Fail
The official process to become a naturalized US citizen is a joke. Partly this is because of the bureaucratic inertia that still requires asking if an applicant had been a Nazi concentration camp guard. (Anyone under the age of 90 was too young.) Mostly it is because the citizenship test is a filled with false, misleading, and just plain inane questions. The Department of Homeland Security claims they spend six years consulting with scholars. But it is clear they then ignored the scholars and allowed some dolt who failed third grade civics to write the questions.

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