Friday, August 07, 2009

There Will Be Blood

It is inevitable that a rightwing extremist will shoot up a public meeting or union hall somewhere. They are now being urged to bring their guns to townhall meetings, and use them. There have been threats of violence against union members and death threats against congressmen.

The goal, clearly, is terrorism, to frighten Americans away from their Constitutional right to peaceably assemble.

What began as astroturfing has devolved into an uncontrollable mob thirsting for blood. When the blood is spilled the debate over healthcare will change overnight into a movement to confiscate the mob's guns and indict those who have incited the violence (Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, et. al.) for second degree murder.


Anonymous said...

So, let me get this straight. You want me to surrender my CONSTITUTIONAL 2nd Amendment right to carry a gun so that you can excercise your Constitutional 1st Amendment to talk and peacably assemble? No man has the right to deprive another of his rights. I have the right to carry a gun; you have the right to peacably assemble. We can both exercise those rights without infinging on the rights of others. If the people with guns threaten others, then they need to be arrested for it as that's illegal. But, if they haven't done that or anything else illegal, leave them alone. What it comes down to is that you don't like people carrying guns, so you want to prevent them from doing it. You wouldn't like it if I didn't like you talking and prevented you from talking, would you? Probably not. So, unless the people carrying guns do something illegal, leave them alone.
And by the way, those people you mentioned couldn't be prosecuted for second degree murder under California state law. If someone was murdered as a direct result of their (Beck, Limbaugh, etc.) actions, it would be an Accomplice. Look up Penal Code 1111 for that.

KnightErrant said...

And the purpose of wearing a gun to a political meeting is????