Thursday, August 06, 2009

Read Booman

Sometimes the best thing I can write is to tell you to read someone else. Booman Tribune has a couple of outstanding articles.

How Wacky Was Bush, Anyhow
George Bush Jr. was not just some addled-brained preppy, although his certainly is. He wasn't just some religious nut, although he is. And Bush was nowhere near as smart as his supporters claimed. The proof lay in his argument pitching the Iraq War to French President Jacques Chirac in 2003.
Gog and Magog are at work in the Middle East. ~ George Bush, 2003
Chirac had to hunt down a theologian to explain what the hell Bush was babbling about.

Bush was more demented then we ever imagined and we had imagined a lot. If he hadn't had a rich daddy and a plethora of handlers manipulating him like a sockpuppet, George Bush Jr. would be standing today on some Dallas street corner, unwashed and ill-fed, shouting incoherent fire and brimstone at passersby.

Conservatives Fearing Justice
Booman predicts the next great Radical Republican panty pissing occasion will be Hillary Clinton's suggestion that the United States join the International Criminal Court. While the news is still too new to have sunk in, we can expect outrage at the notion of Dick Cheney and John Yoo in the dock at the Hague for their war crimes.

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