Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Truth About Barack Obama

The truth that the health care debate was designed to hide is out. Barack Obama has a 10-inch tail, absolute proof that he is a human-reptilian hybrid. Now that the truth is out I can reveal the full depth of the conspiracy.
As this photo of his left ear clearly proves, Obama is not of this earth.

Other evidence, he is left-handed, all of us hybrids are left-handed.

The charge has been out there, thanks to David Icke, that we are intending to take over the world for our full-blood reptilian masters. (Icke is a human-furrie hybrid, the sworn enemy of us reptiles.) Our plan, now that there are enough humans to make a fair sized fricassee, is to eat the human population of this planet (We don't like chicken.)

People have been noticing Obama's reptilian attributes, such as his eyes, and have been calling for Obama to prove he is fully human. Something had to be done. So we have had our sub-human hybrid slaves start riots at townhall meetings as a distraction (That's why most of them look like shell-less turtles). But, now that the truth about the President's tail is in the open we've been found out, we will just have to release our swine flu and cull you that way.

See also Do Reptilians have the right to kill us and drink our blood? (The answer is "yes.")

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