Friday, August 14, 2009

Tax Like It's 1919 Again, and Again

Really, even the Gilded Age was not this bad. This is just 30,000 people pulling down a full 6% of the nation's income. It is time to tax the shit out of these fuckers.


Anonymous said...

Yeah tax them and tax some more!! It worked out soooooooooooooooooooo well in the years immediately following 1919.

You know, Great Depression, WWII.

Great thinking there!!

Anonymous said...

There has been nothing like the present (and growing) income disparity in the history of this country. I am continually amazed by people who are not in those 30,000 who seem to have been convinced that is is good for the rich get much, much richer, because we all know how hard life is when you're wealthy, and they really, really can't survive on less than $20 million a year. NO ONE is worth that much.

Truth is the people who are earning these unbelievably high incomes are paying themselves, paying themselves from the money coming from the labor of the poor saps like "Great thinking there!!" and from the country as a whole.

The Federal, State and Local governmentt all provide infrastructure and conditions that allow this. That money comes from taxes. The poor pay taxes and the rich benefit. It is truly a great scam.

Quite literally they owe they good fortune to the country they are unwilling to pay taxes to support.

I have to applaud the wealthy (the republicans) in the success they've had in convincing people such as "Great thinking There" who will never, ever be as rich or earn as much, even though they are doing valuable work and perhaps even more valuable work, that is is just fine this way.

Sometimes I really do l think there should be an IQ test for voters, or at least a test to prove the ability to think logically. Lacking that, there are a lot of people who need dope-slaps, because they've been suckered.

Anonymous said...

Agreed, people like "Great thinking there!!" are sadly deluded and have no grasp of history. I'm sure he reads Glenn Beck like gospel. This country is very stupid; Bill Maher was correct. I am finishing up my doctoral degree in the next few years and if I have the chance, I will leave this country for Canada or Europe. I will make less money as a clinical psychologist - that's for sure - but I'd rather be part of a functioning society. Not this creepy corporate-Fascist nation the United States has been turned into.

And insinuating that the Great Depression and WWII were somehow caused by taxing the wealthy is purely ridiculous. And sad.