Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Why Isn't Bill Clinton Worshiped?

I'm reading a TalkLeft entry on how Hillary Clinton should be President, or Vice-President, or...I not sure what it is the Hillaryites want nowadays. It strikes me there are several self-described "older, educated women" who would rather be raped by John McCain than sit down on a bus next to Barack Obama.

Anyhow, I'm reading the comments and I come across this - Reagan is worshiped and [Bill] Clinton is dissed. Why? Good Question.
  • Ronald Reagan defined the Republican party in the 1980's, something Bill Clinton never did in the 1990's.
  • Bill Clinton abandoned party politics after 2000. He made no effort to set the agenda of a party in need of leadership. Never was there a word from him criticizing the illegal actions of the Bush II Administration.
  • Bill Clinton shilled for anyone willing to pony up his speaking fee. He reminded me of former baseball great Pete Rose by showing up at any demeaning gathering that promised to cheer him and give him lots of money.
  • Bill Clinton spent far too much of the 2000's behaving like George Bush Sr.'s adopted son. They started appearing everywhere together. It hard to be the Hero of the Democratic Party if your BFF is Republican First Daddy.
Political deification is not a right, it is bestowed by the people upon those rare individuals who create a movement that lives after their short time in office. Bill Clinton created nothing. He isn't worshiped because is hasn't earned it.

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