Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Sturgis: McCain's Appeal to Women Voters

The Obama campaign should make sure every woman from Bangor, Maine to Santa Barbara knows about who John McCain associated with during his appearance at the Sturgis Biker Rally.

How he appealed to the wannabe Hell's Angels gathered there. How McCain pimped his wife to the amateur stripper parade known as the Miss Buffalo Chip contest. How McCain was billed next to the Wet and Wild twice daily oil wrestling matches including porn star Vanessa Harding (not office/child/wife friendly website).

Let every woman in America know what kind woman voter John McCain prefers.
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Anonymous said...

Of course the folks at the Sturgis event are potential voters, too, who shouldn't be belittled because of their choice of fun. None of it is illegal, at least not there.

And, republicans are only prudish about other peoples actions.