Thursday, August 28, 2008

On the Convention(s)

I'm not liveblogging the Democratic Convention. I'm not even deadblogging it. I lost interest in Presidential Conventions decades ago when they no longer played any part in candidate selection. The conventions are just advertising these days, painfully long advertisements. As such they are only interesting in the reaction of the focus groups - both party's political junkies.
  • The Clinton's played their parts well. They are both being praised from the left. The right has discarded its phony compassion towards Hillary and is in full Clinton hate mode.
  • Joe Biden was a good choice. The left is happy if somewhat disappointed their favorite candidate (take your pick) was overlooked. The right is still hunting around for an appropriate response.
  • The Hillaryites are grieving. They are still rending their clothes. They are still wailing. Some are still hoping that the entire nation collapses to punish it for the transgression of not worshiping the Goddess. Après nous, le déluge.
We will see about Barack tonight. No, he doesn't have to "close the deal." Whatever he says will be attacked by the right. No matter what he says the Hillaryites will whine that she would have said it better. Barack needs to present an inspiring vision with enough details to suggest there is meat on the bone but not so many that the vision bogs down into a laundry list. He needs to attack George Bush and John McCain with passion. And he needs some really nifty sound bites.

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