Sunday, August 03, 2008

Petty Thugs in the DHS

The Department of Homeland Security has become a popular employment opportunity for people who used to torment small children and despaired they could never earn a living doing what they love. The DHS has more pure thugs per capita than any government agency since the Stasi. People who used to content themselves joining outlaw motorcycle gangs have discovered that their anti-social personalities are not only welcome in the DHS they are actually in the job descriptions.

Google dhs thugs and you'll find almost a half-million hits. Take this man at DailyKos, who was harassed and threatened for the crime of daytripping to Canada. The DHS "deputizing" Americans to spy against their neighbors. Or even just arresting people because they can, because there are no laws restraining them. Or just threaten people because they can.

What they want is even worse. If the DHS has its way Americans will have to carry internal passports even to enter American National Parks.

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Anonymous said...

A Republican tyranny and a police state. The Bush legacy. Hope we can undo some of it and go back to being a constitutional democracy.