Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Bush With Boobs - Redux

Sixteen months ago I opined that of all the potential candidates for president the one most likely to carry on George Bush's policies unchanged is Hillary Rodham Clinton. Given recent statements from Clinton on matters of war and death, I stand by that observation.
We've begun to change tactics in Iraq, and in some areas, particularly in Al Anbar province, it's working. ~ Hillary Clinton
While Clinton has promised to "end the war" in Iraq she has also promised to maintain an American military presence there. Clinton was the last of the Democratic candidates to state an opposition to the war and her opposition has always sounded half-hearted. As late as the summer of 2006, Clinton was booed because she stated her position against a firm date for troop withdrawal. As in this most recent statement, she continues to keep a foot in the pro-war camp.

Regarding expansion of the Iraq War into Iran, Clinton has been obliquely supportive of Bush.
I will never take any option off the table. ~ George Bush, January 17, 2005 in an interview with David Gregory of NBC News.
In February, 2007, Clinton used the Bush euphemism, "no option can be taken off the table," to imply support for bombing Iran. In 2006, Clinton actually accused the Bush Administration of not being belligerent enough towards Iran. Even conservatives have noticed that Clinton's positions on Middle Eastern wars are more closely attuned to neocon William Kristol than Noam Chomsky.

Make no mistake, I am a Yellow Dog Democrat this year. There is no Republican in the field that I would trust to mow my lawn let alone run my country. If it is Hillary, so be it. But, I am not naive. There will be no noticeable shift in war policy if Clinton is elected. The Iraq War will only evolve, not end, with a Clinton presidency. The chances of the war expanding into Iran are no different with Bush or Clinton. Clinton will be better than George Bush, but in the same way that small pox is better than bubonic plague.

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PoliShifter said...

She has deffinately become the candidate of choice for the corporations.

She's already said publically she'll never stop taking money from lobbyists.

And her "big promise" is to get troops out by 2012....5 more fucking years from now! How many more Americans need to die? How many more billions do we need to spend?

Why is it that those who have been so wrong wrong wrong on foreign policy for the past 6 years are still listened to today?

It's all crap. It's all about money and power with total disregard for human life.