Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The Biggest Rat in the Fleet Is Leaving

I have been cogitating on the Why. Why is Karl Rove leaving the White House now? Why so abruptly? The "spend more time with the family" line is so old it is an insult that he even used it. There is the line that he was following Josh Bolton's rules that "if you are on the staff in September you have to stay the rest of the term." As if. Since when is Bolton the boss of Karl Rove? Unless Rove retires to Upper Volta he is not going to escape Congressional subpoenas.

Perhaps money. It is possible Rove wants to earn legal defense cash on the rubber chicken speakers circuit before he is indicted for his various crimes. Rupert Murdoch will certainly offer $50 million for Rove to write a book that won't even make good toilet paper.

He is not going to run some other Republican's presidential campaign. Even among Republicans Rove's name is poison. He is not going to be granted a professorship at some college. He doesn't even hold a bachelor's degree; even Bob Jones University has some standards. Harper's Magazine, via DailyKos, speculates that Rove is caught up in a legal case in Alabama that is about to blow back on Rove with hurricane force. One can only hope that is true.

It is out of character for Rove to abandon Bush mid-term. It is as likely as Bush's right leg detaching itself and walking off by itself. There is something more afoot, here. Perhaps he is leaving so he can become the Bush scapegoat. That would be in character. Deliberately leaving so that he can take on all of the sins of the Bush Administration would seem heroic in is little mind. Perhaps.

I shall continue to ruminate on this but not to the point that I neglect attacking Bush. In the end only Bush is responsible for Bush. Rove is a meaningless little rodent.

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PoliShifter said...

I'm not sure either.

I don't buy the line that he's going to run Fred Thompson's campaign...that seems popular.

I do think Bush is a grade A asshole and will never take responsibility for his actions. It could be that Bush has been blaming Karl Rove to his face for all that is going wrong...which is to say, the public's perception that everything is going wrong.

After the 2006 election I thought Rove would exit...he really looked like a dimwit after that thrashing.

Maybe he's in bigger trouble. Maybe Congress will finally get something to stick to him. Hard to say.

Maybe he wants to spend more time with Jeff Gannon.

But beyond that I think there may be some bad blood between Rove and Bush now. And Bush doesn't come across to me as the forgiving type nor the type that will admit fault.