Sunday, August 19, 2007

There But for the Grace Of...

Dumb luck, really, goes I.The Peru earthquake. Hundreds dead, tens of thousands homeless, such aid as is being sent is disappearing long before it get to the victims. Living in Southern California I have experienced more than my share of quakes - little bumps, prolonged rattles, heavy shudders that feel like a speeding truck hitting the building. And yet, by San Andres Fault standards, all of them have been nothing more than gentle nudges; friendly reminders that I am living in an extremely dangerous the world. And I am nothing more than a fragile sack of flesh and bone.

The government of Peru is failing her people today just as the government of the United States has failed the people of New Orleans. Governments may be efficient at waging war, spying on private conversations, and restricting the liberty of individuals. Actually, recent history is proving that governments are not even very good at these tasks. But, when the people living peaceably on the land are desperately in need of help, modern governments are proving a useless societal appendix. Should the Big One hit here I know my government will consider my life of no importance. I know I must survive alone.

I could move. There is Iowa (tornadoes), Florida (hurricanes), New York (flooding), or Texas (Texans). Everywhere is dangerous. Such is life. C'est la vie.

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