Monday, August 06, 2007

Congress, FISA, and my Dictionary

There are so many words to choose from to describe the votes of 57 congressional democrats who voted to authorize warrentless spying on Americans.
The Senate rules required 60 votes for the bill to pass; it got exactly 60. Whenever a vote comes squarely on the number I suspect vote swapping. Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton voted no; but did either trade votes with one of the seven Senators from the class of 2006 who have the least to fear from a voter backlash? It is one thing to shit on the Constitution because you honestly believe it is the right thing to do. It is far worse to do it in exchange for future pork.
Many Democrats were chicken. They were afraid. The Republicans were waving the Bloody Shirt of 9-11 and these guys were terrified of being labeled as soft on terrorism. Voting "Aye" was the easy way, the cowards way. The all took an oath to "preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution" but when they had the chance they just pissed themselves.
The art at left of Timorous from Pilgrim's Progress. The look is copied on the faces of most of the 57 Democrats who voted for the spying bill. They didn't want any trouble. They didn't want to confront Bush over the Constitution. They didn't care about doing what was right. They didn't want trouble, they just wanted to go home.
Like a prison bitch, these 57 Democrats bent over and took it up the ass from Bush. There were a few squeals of protest but their surrender was as meek and submissive as a whipped puppy.
But, in the end, this is all it was, a Disgrace. This abominable law expires in six months. Each and every one of the 57 Democrats will have the opportunity to redeem themselves, to do what is right for the country they pretend to love. We shall see which of them has even a scrap of self-pride remaining.

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