Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Cartoon Congress

The Senate Judiciary Committee has begun to remind me of a LoonyToons cartoon, and not in a good way. The committee first issued subpoenas to the White House on June 27, they drew a line in the sand if you will. La Casa Blanca asked for more time; the committee took a giant step backwards and drew a second line for July 18.

John Bolton and Fred Fielding asked for still more time. Another giant step backwards for the Judiciary Committee and they drew a third line at August 1. No response from the White House as the date came and went. Today Chairman Pat Leahy drew a fourth line in the sand farther still backwards to August 20 and double dog dared the White House to respond.
This strange little dance reminds me of a cartoon I saw as a child. Actually not this one, which is from High Flying Hare (1949), but it is close enough. It is too funny to be sad and too sad to be funny.

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