Monday, April 16, 2007

Virginia Tech Shooting in Perspective

As of the time I am writing this:
  • 31 people have died today in a shooting at Virginia Tech,
  • the nation is shocked,
  • George Bush is preparing to address the nation on this tragedy.
  • 45 people have died today in Baghdad bombings,
  • that nation is not shocked, it is just business as usual,
  • dozens of people dying is a daily occurence in Iraq,
  • in Iraq, 31 people dying from terrorist acts would be considered a good day.
I do not want to minimize the horror of what has happened at Virginia Tech. I only want to point out the far greater horror that is the United States' continued occupation of Iraq. We are shocked by one instance on one day where 31 innocents were killed. In the Iraq we have created, dozens of innocents die every single day. Multiply the Virginia Tech tragedy by 365, then you will have a clue what we have done to that country.

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