Tuesday, April 24, 2007

'If This Be Treason, Make the Most of It'

Indicted felon Tom DeLay has accused Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi of treason. Bosh. The criminal acts are from George W. Bush.
  • He has placed his pride and ego ahead of the lives of American servicemen,
  • He has ignored the advice of both civilian and military leaders and continues to hold this nation in a needless war that is against the best interests on the nation,
  • He has violated his oath of office by ignoring the Constitution whenever he felt it was convenient to do so,
  • He has violated his oath of office and the Constitution by rewriting legislation in the form of "signing statements,"
  • He has violated his oath of office, the Constitution, and treaty law by suborning torture,
  • He has diverted the resources of the United States Treasury to enrich his friends and allies,
For all these reasons and more, George W. Bush stands accused of high crimes against the United States of America and its people. Supporting George W. Bush is a nearer act of treason.

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