Tuesday, April 17, 2007

This Is a Story of Judical Hatred

A woman in Georgia seeks to adopt a child. Everything seems favorable. The prospective parent had already been granted foster custody. The woman loves the child. The child loves the woman. The birth mother agrees that this woman is the best place for the child. The Department of Child Services recommends the adoption. The judge is favorably inclined until....

He discovers the woman is a lesbian.

The judge denies the adoption. When the woman seeks the opinion of a different court, the first judge finds her in criminal contempt and throws her in jail.

All because the woman is a lesbian.

The judge has allowed his hate to blind him both to the law (the law in Georgia does not discriminate on sexual orientation in adoptions) and to common decency. His act of hatred is destroying the child he is supposed to protect.

An intresting tidbit, the first link is from a Christian conservative.

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