Saturday, May 13, 2017

Trump's Bodyguard

One of the more bizarre revelations surrounding the Comey firing is finding out that Trump's favorite bodyguard, Keith Schiller, is one of his top aides. If the Daily Beast can be believed, Schiller is Trump's office wife with closer personal access than anyone else including Melania or Ivanka.
Schiller is one of the few people Trump talked to about firing Comey and was the person tasked with walking the termination letter to FBI headquarters because Trump was too cowardly to tell Comey to his face.

Schiller's rise from hired thug to prominent aide echos SS-Obersturmbannf├╝hrer Bruno Gesche.

Bruno Gesche was an alcoholic goon with the IQ of a turnip who was the long time bodyguard to Adolph Hitler. He had been beating up protesters for nearly two decades prior to Hitler achieving total power. When Hitler became dictator he brought Bruno with him.

Bruno loved Hitler like a puppy loves his master and Hitler loved his stupid bodyguard like a master loves a puppy. Throughout the war Heinrich Himmler, think a less disgusting version of Steve Bannon, tried to get Bruno killed on the Eastern Front but Hitler kept calling him back.

I'm not saying Schiller is exactly like Bruno, I am certain there are many differences. For one thing, he is smarter than Trump but, so is a turnip.

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