Monday, May 08, 2017

Nightmare to Nightmare

I had a really complex nightmare last night. Lots of characters, an overcrowded taxi that got lost turning a two mile trip into a four hour wander; it had a faulty door I almost fell out of on every right turn. Then I got on an even more overcrowded bus that abandoned all my taxi friends while I tried to negotiate a return to sanity with the bus driver.
Then I woke up only to realize that the dream nightmare was a more sane existence that the Trumpian nightmare we are all living through.

Claims that no one ever died from a lack of health care. Statements by congressmen that they voted for a bill hoping the Senate would solve all the glaring flaws they couldn't be bothered to read. While I'm holding on for dear life while a cab careens through a dreamed up canyon nowhere near my home, the President is tweeting even more bizarre fantasies.

Tonight, I shall sleep again and my dreams will likely be pleasant. Tomorrow I shall awake to the daymare that a couple hundred Freddy Kruegers are running my country.

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