Saturday, May 27, 2017

Thoughts About Jared

Treason From Within
There are only two motives for treason, ideology or money. The British traitor Kim Philby believed the Russian system of government was better than democracy. American spy Robert Hanssen was only interest in the money his treachery would bring.

Jared Kushner is all about the money. He sees the wealth of the Russian gangster oligarchs and longs to swim in their ocean. Jared is eager to sell out his country for great wealth. The Russians are more than willing to wave rubles under Jared's nose and watch him salivate like Pavlov's dog.

I Remember Nothing
Michael Flynn is taking the classic dodge of Mafia dons and pleading the Fifth. Jared is using a different but equally classic evasion. He is claiming faulty memory. He doesn't remember talking to most of his spymasters. Kushner, just now, doesn't remember much of anything.

The Enablers
Every successful traitor needs associates willfully ignoring the clear evidence of treachery. H. R. McMaster is so eager to keep the position of power he has longed for for decades he is making petty and unbelievable excuses for actions that would alarm any normal person responsible for the nation's security.

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