Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Comey Hoisted With His Own Petard

Former FBI director James Comey positioned Donald Trump so that Trump could destroy Comey. Several weeks ago I wondered if Comey was a political buffoon for getting Trump elected and then investigating him. He was.

While it is true that Comey is less Thomas Beckett and more Edmund Blackadder, his abrupt firing is the first step in neutering the FBI and turning it from an investigator of facts into a political police force led by Rudy Giuliani tasked with seeking out and destroying Trump's enemies.

It should not go without mention that there was another clear attack on democracy on Tuesday. For the first time in American history a journalist was arrested for asking questions of a cabinet official. Veteran reporter Dan Heyman was trying to ask questions of HHS secretary Tom Price about TrumpCare when he was arrested for "causing a public disturbance."

This is the New America. A place where asking questions is a crime and the FBI becomes a weapon to be used against Trump's many enemies.

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