Sunday, March 05, 2017

The Jeff Sessions Goose Roast and Other Stories

Trump Goes Batshit on Staff
For a brief moment someone, probably Ivanka, convinced Trump to take his anti-psychotic meds, thus allowing him to make a coherent speech last Tuesday. But, like many people who share Trump's disease, he hates taking his medicine because they rob him of the companionship of the voices in his head.

So Trump flushed the pills down the toilet and by Friday he was fully Berlin bunker paranoid. Obama is spying on him. Sessions betrayed him. They all betrayed him. It was a rant that was quickly leaked to the press.

Who Leaked It?
The Trump meltdown was reported to the media in almost real time. Assuming the Washington Post doesn't have the Oval Office bugged (betcha Trump's head voices tell him that soon) someone in that meeting was on the phone as soon as his ears stopped ringing.

Only the limited number of people in the room could have leaked details about that meeting. I can think of two possible culprits. Steve Bannon is a bomb thrower with no real policy agenda, his goal is to achieve anarchy. Bannon wants chaos and all these leaks are stoking chaos.

Then there is Mike Pence. Pence's name wasn't mentioned as part of the meeting which is a perfect cover. Pence realizes that if he plays his cards right by the end of Summer Trump will be in a hospital for the mentally ill and Pence will be President.

Sessions Is Owned by Russia
A Three Stooges short.
Lawrence O'Donnell had an insightful essay on Sessions troubles. By Sessions recounting a fully remember conversation snippet where Sessions related to the Russian ambassador an earlier visit to Russia, Sessions put to lie his contention that he "doesn't recall" what they talked about.

O'Donnell points out that the Russian ambassador can send Sessions to a federal prison any time he wants by talking about the meetings. That blackmail threat hangs over Sessions head now like a two ton anvil. Sessions now has to do anything the Russians order him to do. The Attorney General is now a Russian asset to use as they please.

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