Sunday, February 28, 2016

Understanding Trumpism

I will be visiting Israel next month and I expect to be asked about Donald Trump. This is what I will say.
This makes Donald Trump, by definition, a National Socialist.

I will be asked why is he popular. Many Americans want a strongman, a Putin or Stalin or Mussolini or Hitler. It doesn't matter to them what he believes or what he will do, only that he will be a forceful authoritarian.

But, I will be asked, "can he be elected?"

At this point, no. I believe most people when staring into the abyss of a totalitarian monster will turn away in horror.

German Reichstag (parliament) burning, Feb. 1933
But, a major terror attack in October, such as a bomb collapsing the Capitol Dome, and my nation will turn to a dictator who will make them feel safe again by deporting millions of families and killing millions more in a global war.

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