Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Trump's "Moderation"

Some pundits are saying Trump (#MakeDonaldDrumpfAgain) presented a moderated, general election version of himself at his Super Tuesday victory press conference. This is another place where historical perspective is important.

In the early 1930's when Hitler was trying to moderate his image to appeal to the broader German electorate, he stopped wearing his uniform with the red swastika armband and began wearing a conservative suit and tie. Changing his clothes did not change his psychopathy.
These same pundits also noted Chris Christie behind him and credited Christie with moderating Trump. There is a parallel for that as well.
Hitler with Hermann Goering celebrating Hitler's appointment as chancellor.
In the 1930's Hitler had one quasi respectable ally, the obese, drug addicted Hermann Goering. Goering would tell the politicians that Hitler was only saying outrageous things to appease the mob and that he would be reasonable once in power. Goering, of course, was just as much of a thug as his F├╝hrer. Charitably, Christie is a bully like Trump and sees him as a kindred spirit to be idolized not moderated.

Like Trump's original family name is Drumpf, Hitler had a less appealing original family name. His father, Alois, was named Schicklgruber, his mother's name. When Alois was 39 years old his surname was changed to Heidler and later Hitler.

Adolph Schicklgruber is not an inspiring name for a mass movement.

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